The Walk

Friary Cottage - Our humble home surrounded by farm fields, where we begin and end the journey. 

The walking tour will be approximately 3.5 miles, and take around 4 hours to complete, but the experience is customisable. We will start the tour approximately 4 hours before sunset, beginning at our humble 16th century thatched cottage in the village of Mendlesham - where we will then set off on the tour, starting from garden across the meadow, into the Mendlesham Millennium Woodland and beyond. We will be taking plenty of stops along the way to rest and stay hydrated. Just over halfway through the tour we will break for snacks and drinks. We will carry on from there through the farm fields and old country roads and end the walk back at the cottage. From there we can either part ways, or you are welcome to stay for a nice fire in the back garden, or we could accompany you to the local pub down the road for a refreshing pint.


The grand old Oak tree in the heart of our Mendlesham Wood - our first resting point