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Suffolk's Small Businesses
Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth, located in Ipswich, has been trading their quality esoteric and apothecary supplies since 1991 and it is their aim to sell the very best in magical, spiritual and natural healing products. The shop is owned and run by Anthony Moorhouse and Nigel Pearson. Anthony has been working professionally in the natural and traditional healing fields for over 25 years and hails from a long line of tailors, continuing this work with his own business, The Elvish Tailor. Nigel is the author of many influential and renowned books on the subject of Traditional Witchcraft, featuring the magical and historical folk practices of his native region of East Anglia (they are our go-to books on the subject!) Both Anthony and Nigel hold Diplomas in Advanced Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy and are both very knowledgeable in their respective and shared fields. If you wish to learn they are always happy to help, and Sacred Earth has everything you will need, including a large selection of books by pagan authors, as well as many fine locally crafted wares by local artists.

Bagel or Beigel

Bagel or Beigel is a small Suffolk business located right in our own village in Mendlesham! Owned and operated by our good friend Avi, and his daughter Poppy, Beigel or Bagel create a number of delicious artisan products including traditional bagels (not the smooth, uniformly round bagels you see in supermarkets), traditionally homemade pickles, locally sourced salted beef and much more! Their menu is always growing and they provide vegan styles of all of their bagels and homemade cream cheese. With the ability to ship across the UK, their unbelievably tasty bagels sell out every week, so if you’re feeling peckish, get your order in early to avoid missing out! We thoroughly recommend everything Avi has on the menu and, coming from Canada, Tom can confirm that these bagels are the real deal. Once you taste them you'll never want to settle for less again, we can assure you (and we take no responsibility if you find yourself hooked!)

Hank's Deli & Shop

Hank's Deli & Shop opened in July 2019 as the first fully vegan Deli & Shop in Ipswich Town Centre, and is the largest all vegan supermarket in the UK! Hank's carries a wide selection of vegan cooking ingredients and must haves, fresh, frozen and takeaway meals along with a full vegan deli meat and cheese counter plus much more. Owned and operated by Geoff Bligh and Phil Rivers who are both vegans who are passionate about sharing the accessibility, affordability and deliciousness of vegan food, they share a common desire to provide wonderful food, excellent service and to make each of our customers feel like an old friend. Vegan or not, we can guarantee that Hanks' has some of the best food around, and will always be one of our favourite places to go, and we really admire their mission. If you're in town, you can also check out Hanks Pub & Food (the first vegan pub in Ipswich!) as well as their vegan takeaway, Hank's Dirty.

Truly Traceable

Owned and operated by Lynn and Steve Tricker, Truly Traceable produces award winning artisan venison and game pies and sausage rolls made with fully traceable meats. Lynn has worked in catering all her life and together with Steve, loves to create local, seasonal food with quality ingredients. The business has been fully approved by Waveney District Council allowing them to create handmade pies and sausage rolls in small batches at home from their own venison and other game; only ever using game culled for conservation purposes right here in Suffolk and the surrounding areas. Tom has sampled perhaps one too many of these delectable pies himself, and has had the pleasure of meeting the owners, so we can assure you they are lovely people who are truly passionate about the common causes we each share in conservation, sustainability, locality, seasonality, and supporting amazing local artisans - not to mention damn good food!

Fen Farm Dairy

The Crickmore family have been farming the land at Fen Farm located here in Suffolk for three generations and believe have rediscovered something that many have forgotten - that the very best food in the world is the simplest, straight from nature to your plate. Their herd of happy Montbeliarde cows graze the beautiful marshlands of the Waveney River Valley in Suffolk and the fine folks at Fen Farm are carefully making their delicious raw milk into the finest artisan cheese and raw cultured butter. Without a doubt, Fen Farm produces our very favourite cheese - Suffolk's own award winning Baron Bigod. They even have a quaint takeaway shed situated on site where you can stop by and grab a delicious raw milk coffee and other local, artisan delicacies! Fen Farm's sustainable approach sets a truly fine example for how we believe all dairy farming should be done.

Wild Game Meat LTD

Wild Game Meat LTD, located in Bury St. Edmunds, is a family run business founded in 2012. They use a selection of venison: red deer, roe deer, elk, boar, also pork and beef, to provide high quality, free range, fresh raw and hot and cold smoked meat. Wild Game Meat LTD offer a wide range of products, including Salamis, Sausages, Jerky's and more - as well as a fine range of wild game products, breads, cheeses, and other delights from Europe. You can find them at various Markets, car boot sales and country game shows. This is where we get all the meat Tom uses to make the traditional South-African biltong (spiced, dried meat) you will find in your picnic boxes, and we truly wouldn't settle for anything less! Eating wild game meats offers a traditional, delicious, and sustainable model for consuming meat products and we highly recommend trying it out!

Happy Food Coop

The Happy Food Coop is a regenerative market garden located right here in Suffolk.  They produce organic vegetables on their 3.5 acre land on Watdena Farm in Wetherden and deliver to the Stowmarket and Bury St. Edmunds areas. They avoid all harmful practices of conventional farming to provide nature grown organic vegetables that help to heal the planet and give life to nature. Every vegetable that comes off the farm is grown with a focus on flavour, nutrients and planet health. They take care of the soil and wildlife; nature takes care of us by providing delicious and super healthy veggies. The story of the Happy Food Coop is one of food that is not only delicious but is able to heal our planet. The team at Happy Food Coop hope to help you and your family find your true healthy life. A life that rhythms with nature.

Shortts Farm Brewery

Growing up on a farm working in the Suffolk countryside, Matt Hammond, the head brewer at Shortts Farm Brewery, always appreciated the importance of quality local produce. After spending a year learning, researching, volunteering and sampling beers from all over, Matt and his partner in crime, Ellie, took the plunge in 2012 to return to Suffolk and make the dream of setting up a micro-brewery on the family farm a reality. Located in Thordon, Eye, Shortts Farm Brewery produces real ale inspired by real music drawing inspiration from cult music names and designs that attract a wide spectrum of people from young to old who also shared the love of beer and music. They have a delicious range of beers, and Tom has personally sampled each and every one! Arguably our all time favourite beers come from Shortts Farm Brewery, and we highly recommend purchasing from this awesome small business.

Bello Wild Food at Home

Based in Cornwall, founder Chris Lewis is an expert forager and along with his team provides restaurants, wholesalers and now regular folks like us with the best wild edibles from the coasts of Cornwall right up to the most northern coasts of Scotland. You can find a wide range of stunning products on their website, from wild foraged mushrooms and seaweeds, to homemade preserves, sweets, coffees and tea. Always keeping sustainability in mind, Bello Wild Food at Home ensure their pickers only take a third of what is growing in abundance, and their products thus change according to the season. Ashley and I have personally sampled a number of their amazing foods and we highly recommend to any budding forager that they have a taste of the wild through our friends at Bello Wild Food at Home.

The Ethical Butcher

A London-based business, The Ethical Butcher is on a mission to reconnect people with nature. We believe that as a society we have become far too disconnected from our food and the land it comes from. Founders, Farshad who has been in the meat industry for over 15 years and Glen who is an ex vegetarian, believe passionately in righting an industry that has gone so far wrong. The way their farmers manage their animals affects the flavour of the meat they produce as well as their impact on the environment. Through regenerative farming practices, their farmers honour natural systems and farm in ways that increase bio-diversity and regenerate the land which has a positive impact on the British countryside. On their mission to reconnect people with nature each decision made by the team at The Ethical Butcher will echo the respect we should all have for our environment. From seasonal recipes to the environmentally friendly packaging that arrives on your doorstep, each step of the process – from farm to table – has been carefully considered.