• At the end of every tour we conduct, each and every guest recieves one of these entirely unique and limited edition Forage & Folklore postcards. We have finally decided to share them with the wider world, and you won't find them available anywhere else other than right here in our official online shop!


    Featuring nature photography by Tom Peer (your Forage & Folklore nature guide), each postcard only exists in small limited quantities. This particular photo is of a stunning cluster of Candlesnuff fungus, which may commonly be spotted during the Autumn and Winter months on our tour route around Mendlesham, Suffolk.


    We decided to share these postcards partially in response to the reoccuring lockdowns happening nationwide, but hope they may encourage others to use them as a fun and personal (if not charmingly old-fashioned!) way to connect with friends and family.


    These exclusive prints can double as a postcard and photographic print which may be written upon or displayed. The photographs you see on all our postcards are of plants, animals and insects that you are likely to see when you come on tour with us. By purchasing a postcard, you are actively supporting our work and our efforts in promoting the protection of our environment and in undertaking local conservation initiatives.



    Postcard Details:

    127mm x 177.8mm 
    330–350 gsm paper weight with gloss coating
    Features Forage & Folklore logo

    Stag Horn Fungus Postcard