About the Tour

Forage and Folklore: Guided Nature Walks is an informative and interactive guided nature walking tour experience based in the heart of the beautiful, peaceful and deeply historical Suffolk countryside.

Your guides will be providing information on the ecology of the area, identification of edible and medicinal plants found in our location, as well as the corresponding historical anecdotes and forgotten folkloric tales and traditions surrounding the plants and animals we come across.


The tour will be an interactive experience, and our guests will be able to use our field guide books at their leisure; encouraged to try and identity plants and wildlife on their own, forage what we find for themselves, and to give simple offerings of respect and gratitude to the land in keeping with the forgotten ways of our shared ancestors - as we highlight the importance of the lost symbiotic relationship between the land and people; not just from a conservationist point of view, but also from a historic and spiritual perspective.


The tour will also include information on animal tracks and signs, as well as general information about the area. We also highly encourage any photographers to bring their cameras no matter their skill level, as we will be stopping frequently to take in the stunning landscapes of the Suffolk countryside. There will be plenty of opportunities for some awesome photos for any budding nature photographers.